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Check out our new product - Rice cakes!

Rice cakes are made of 100%  brown rice.

Rice cakes are made of 100% brown rice. Brown rice is unpolished, so in contrast to the white, brown rice is much more beneficial for our body thanks to the properties of whole grains. Rice cakes contain complex carbohydrates that are a major source of energy in human nutrition.There are also a valuable source of fiber, which helps the digestive system and which swells in the stomach retains a feeling of satiety for longer.

For this reason, it is recommended to all who want to stay slim. Rice cakes do not contain gluten so can be consumed by people suffering from celiac disease and using the gluten-free diet. Rice cakes are perfect snack especially for active people. Rice cakes successfully replace traditional bread, they easily satisfy the hunger between meals.

Watch your weight with Lestello!

In order to meet the expectations of those who watch their weight and lead a healthy lifestyle, Lestello has created new, gluten-free, and rich in fiber rice wafers. Lestello rice wafers are a balanced snack, rich in nutritional values, which will satisfy your hunger between meals. Rice wafers are made of 100 % natural brown rice. Brown rice is unpolished and that is why, unlike white rice, it has numerous full grain beneficial properties for our body. Rice wafers contain complex carbohydrates which are one of the principal sources of energy in human nutrition. They are also a source of fiber which aids the function of the digestive system and helps maintain the feeling of satiation for a longer time when it swells in the stomach. Thanks to those properties, it is recommended for those who want to maintain a slender body. Rice wafers do not contain gluten and can be consumed by people suffering from Celiac disease who follow a gluten-free diet. Rice wafers are a perfect snack for active people. They successfully replace traditional bread and easily satisfy hunger between meals.