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New – BIO line

We offer you a new range of products “Bio”.

We offer you a new range of products “Bio”. Those are organic products, manufactured using processes that do not pose a threat to the environment and people’s health. The products come from organic cultivations in the majority of our Polish fields.

Our bio buckwheat groats are an exceptional product that has a short cooking time (only 8 minutes). This effect is achieved by subjecting buckwheat to a special roasting process using steam under high pressure. This process is what gives the groats their beautiful brown color and a distinctive and unique taste and aroma. The groats owe their exceptional taste primarily to the highest quality organic buckwheat. Additionally, the groats are a source of valuable fiber and magnesium.

We would like to present you our bulk “Bio” products made from organic expanded grains. The process of expanding or puffing consists in subjecting grains to hot steam under high pressure without any chemical substances. In this way, a new product is obtained that is ready for immediate consumption. Whole grains are used for puffing which is why expanded products retain their nutritional value of the grain used in their manufacturing. This process considerably increases the volume of the grain and gives it its attractive color and pleasant roasted aroma. Expanded products can be a perfect snack or a breakfast ingredient. They are ideal with milk, yogurt, or fruit. We also recommend the organic version of our natural rice wafers.