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New – White buckwheat groats!

Lestello introduces a new product into its offer

Lestello introduces a new product into its offer – white buckwheat groats full of beneficial nutritious ingredients! White buckwheat groats are obtained from decorticated buckwheat grains, and therefore they belong to low-processed and most valuable foods. As they are not subjected to roasting, they have a creamy color and a delicate taste and smell. .

If you invite them to your table and they will be on it regularly, you will certainly notice positive effects of doing so. First of all, white buckwheat groats are rich in fiber, a miraculous substance of vegetable origin, which aids the function of intestines as well as digestive and excretion processes.

Another treasure that the groats contain is folic acid that has a positive effect on the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, and the brain. The fact that they also contain potassium is also significant as it takes part in the process of nutritious elements penetration to the inside of the cells. They are also a crucial element in a proper muscle function. Moreover, our buckwheat hero is also rich in magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and copper. Thanks to all those properties, the groats take care of our metabolism, bone condition, and immune system. We can therefore agree that white buckwheat groats are a complex recipe for health! Their regular intake within a balanced diet will allow you to reach a stable content of minerals in your body thus ensuring excellent wellbeing.

White buckwheat groats are recommended for dinner, lunch, and even dessert, in a form of a cake or cupcake.